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24 Sep 2019

Fall Cleaning!


While most are familiar with spring cleaning, what about doing the same in the fall?

Thanks to cooler temperatures, you may find yourself indoors a bit earlier and longer than in months past, so why not take the extra home time to start cleaning up those places that may have been neglected?

If your wondering where to start, worry not. Always wanting to help you and your loved ones, we've put together a checklist and tips to help seniors stay sage during the cleaning journey.

Windows – Make sure you really clean your windows, including the screens and the base where dust and pollen tend to collect. Cleaning windows is important to ensure clean air in your aging loved one’s home.

  • Floors and Furniture – Similar to the windows, floors and furniture are known dust collectors. While we all try to dust and vacuum periodically, make sure you do a thorough job this fall to remove all dirt and dust and prevent the risk of illness and breathing issues.
  • Kitchen – Wipe down all countertops and appliances with disinfectants to remove food and hand germs. It’s also a good idea to go through the refrigerator and pantry to remove all expired foods that may cause illness.
  • Bathrooms – This is the room that needs a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning. Make sure the tub and toilet are free of hard water stains and – most importantly – mold. De-clutter the medicine cabinets as well by properly disposing of old medications. Learn more about the proper disposal of medication here.

If your aging loved one has a difficult time cleaning or accepting help, break up the above list and take care of one thing at a time.

If you need assistance with light house cleaning, contact a Senior Helpers near you for more information on our services.

Do you have a fall cleaning checklist? What are some of your fall cleaning tips? Share with us by commenting below, or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages!