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07 Jun 2019

Father's Day with Dementia


With June 16 just around the corner, Father's Day is almost here. 

Whether its spent celebrating based on family traditions or a spontaneous idea, it's always done thoughtfully in hopes of showing one's appreciation.

However, things tend to change when our loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia. What may have once been considered a great idea could now garner unintended negative reactions and possibly hinder what plans you had but always remember: A day that's different doesn't mean one that's ruined.

Should you feel the need to change your ideas on how to celebrate or unsure where to start, take a few minutes and read the helpful tips below:


When we think of gift ideas, we seem to always assume it means going out to a local store, finding something new, waiting in line, wrapping it and presenting it to that special person.

Rather than new, how about something "old?"

Try regifting a movie or book you know your father loves, one that you can watch together or read with him, leading to another idea…


It’s priceless and means more than words can express. Whether it’s watching that old movie you gave as a gift or reading chapters of that memorable book, spending quality time with him is rewarding for not only him but you as well.

Good conversations, smiles and laughs make for a great day and lasting memories.


If there’s a particular activity he enjoys, use this opportunity to engage in something fun and mentally stimulating like putting a puzzle together, colouring or drawing.

The interaction can help lead to positive moments and good times. If he's able to, try fun outside activity like playing catch, helping to help keep him physically active and engaged.

Do you have any Father’s Day plans? How about memories of passed celebrations? We would love to hear your stories and what you did.