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20 Aug 2020

Home Care is the Option of Choice


A recent study released by Campaign Research Inc. on behalf of Home Care Ontario highlighted telling statistics of participants 55 years of age or older.

According to Home Care Ontario, with over 35,000 professional home care workers and care provided to around 440,000 seniors every year, Ontario’s home care system delivers more care to seniors than any other part of the health care system.

By the numbers…

  • 91% of Ontario Seniors hope to stay in their own home or apartment for as long as possible.
  • 95% believe staying in their own home with home care support is the safest environment for them during a pandemic.

Where to live:

  • 91% of seniors plan to stay in their own home or apartment as long as possible,
  • 3% plan to move into a retirement residence or already live in one
  • 1% plan to move in with a family member
  • 0% intend to move into a long-term care facility
  • 5% are unsure of their future housing plans

If seniors were destined to move into a long-term care facility but additional supports could be provided to keep them at home or living with a family member:

  • 93% of seniors would prefer to stay at home with their family with additional supports
  • 3% would prefer to move into long-term care
  • 4% do not know


  • 95% of Ontario seniors believe that being in their own home with the support of home care is the safest environment for them to live during a pandemic
  • 1% believe the safest place is in a retirement home
  • 1% believe it is in a long-term care facility
  • 4% are unsure.

For more information please visit choosehomecare.ca/public-opinion

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