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03 Sep 2019

Let's Talk about Dementia


This month marks the eight World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign helping to raise dementia awareness and address the stigmas associated with a condition effecting more than 500,00 Canadians with an estimated 25,000 new cases per year.

Every September we're asked to utilize all of our networks (social, personal, etc.) to not only help advocate for Alzheimer’s but personally educate ourselves and others on the disease.

"As of 2016, the combined health-care system and out-of-pocket caregiver costs are estimated at $10.4 billion per year. By 2031, this figure is expected to increase by 60 per cent, to $16.6 billion." - Alzheimers.ca

Last year's theme of, Every 3 Seconds, focused on the severity of Alzheimer’s growth in the world, noting every three seconds, someone was diagnosed.

This year’s theme is, Let’s Talk About Dementia.

Encourage discussions and conversations along with learning and sharing information that not only will help those living with Alzheimer’s but families too. Help to prevent the wrong information being shared and take the an opportunity to help whoever and possible.

This month reach out to your local Alzheimer’s organization on how you can help and/or feel free to click here should you want to share content online!

"Roughly 56,000 Canadians with dementia are being cared for in hospitals, even though this in not an ideal location for care." - Alzheimers.ca

If you or your loved one needs help/support, call our office today and learn how Senior Helpers can provide care at a moment’s notice.