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28 Sep 2023

Adapting Favourite Summer Pastimes for Fall


Fall is a season of transition. It's a time when the warmth of summer gives way to the crisp coolness of fall. This change in weather doesn't have to mean an end to your favourite summer activities. With a little creativity, many pastimes can be easily adapted for seniors to celebrate the beauty and tranquility of the fall season.

Use the below as a guide to adapting popular summer pastimes so seniors can remain active and engaged even in the chillier months of fall.

How Seniors Can Transition Their Outdoor Summer Pastimes into Fall

The changing weather of fall offers the opportunity for seniors to diversify their outdoor summer pastimes in exciting ways. Here are a few examples:


Summer gardening has its bright flowers and fresh vegetables but autumn is a great time for planting perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. The cooler temperatures are often easier on both the plants and the gardeners. Consider introducing fall bloomers like mums and asters which add vibrant colours to the garden. And remember, fall leaves which provide a wonderful mulch and compost, are nature's gift to the garden.


Walking, another popular summer pastime for seniors, also translates well into fall. The cooler temperatures make it a perfect time for longer walks, and the changing scenery provides an alluring backdrop. It's important, however, to remain safe. Dressing in layers, wearing reflective clothing, as well as using walking aids when necessary can ensure that your walk is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Taking in Nature

Nature is at its best in the fall, and outdoor activities like bird watching can become even more interesting. Many species begin their migratory flights at this time and it can be a treasure hunt for bird-watching enthusiasts. A picturesque drive to admire the fall foliage can be a fun and relaxing activity. Look for online foliage peak maps to keep up with the changing colours in your area.

How Seniors Can Transition Their Indoor Summer Pastimes into Fall

Transitioning seniors' indoor summer pastimes to celebrate the fall season is all a matter of creativity and inspiration. Here are several ideas to help you take advantage of this colourful time.


Reading, a beloved pastime regardless of the season, can take a different flavour in fall. Moving from light-hearted summer reads to heartwarming autumnal tales can make for a fun reading time. You might also consider creating a comfy reading nook. A cozy blanket, a warm drink, as well as a book about autumn adventures, might be all you need to bring the charm of fall indoors.


It is the time for summer crafts to give way to autumn-themed craft projects. Leaf pressing, for instance, is a simple fall craft that yields beautiful results. Pressed leaves can be used in a variety of unique projects, including homemade cards or wall art. For seniors who enjoy knitting or crocheting, creating a warm scarf or a pair of mittens can be an enjoyable project as the temperatures drop.


Exploring new baking recipes or revisiting old favourites is another activity that goes hand in hand with fall. The smell of a pumpkin pie or apple crisp in the oven can become a sensory celebration of the season. There is something distinctively delicious and comforting about the rich, warm flavours of autumn baking.

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