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Transitional Care

Being discharged from the hospital or another healthcare facility isn’t a sign that everything is back to normal. It’s simply the start of the recovery process, a process that may include new challenges. In addition to reclaiming their health, mobility, and confidence, your loved one needs to readjust to daily routines and life at home. 

Senior Helpers offers transitional care to make this process simpler and reduce the risk of hospital readmission. 

We start with a personalized plan. Everyone’s needs are different after coming home from the hospital, so we start with an in-home assessment and an understanding of what’s required to help your loved one recover. We incorporate your input and preferences as we make professional recommendations, and we provide precise, appropriate care to support your senior’s success. 

Strengthening Circles of Care - There’s a whole team supporting you and your loved one, and we work closely with everyone involved to make the process more efficient. We’ll be there when you can’t be to ensure everyone is up-to-date on the patient’s health and well-being. 

Medication Reminders and Prescription Pickup - Medications are effective when used as directed, and the wrong timing or amount can derail the recovery process. We’ll pick up medications at the pharmacy and ensure your loved one is taking the appropriate dosage at the appropriate time. 

Nutrition Planning, Food Shopping, and Meal Preparation - Nutritious meals are important for overall health, but they become critical when your loved one has special dietary requirements to help manage diabetes or congestive heart failure, for example. Our caregivers can shop for and prepare meals in compliance with the doctor’s nutritional orders.

Your loved one is going home—and that’s a very good thing. Senior Helpers can ease your mind by providing a personalized transitional care plan that helps them return safely to daily life at home. Contact us today to get started.