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Wellness Watch

It’s natural to grow more concerned about your loved ones as they age. Even if they are currently thriving at home without the need for daily assistance, you might be feeling the urge to check in on them more regularly. If you live too far away to be able to do that, Senior Helpers Wellness Watch can help.

With proactive periodic check-ins, both on the phone and in person, we ensure your loved one is healthy and in good spirits. Your Wellness Watch professional is thoroughly trained to identify potential concerns that an untrained neighbour or family member might not recognize. You will receive a monthly report with details on how your loved one is doing so you can continue to make the best decisions for their care. 

Wellness Watch is a gentle transition into more involved care, should your loved one ever require it. Until then, we are your eyes and ears and peace of mind, giving you the opportunity to support your senior relative while balancing the demands of your daily life.

Wellness Watch Services Include:

  • Weekly calls specifically designed to obtain important health information about your loved one
  • Two one-hour in-home Wellness Visits per month
  • Access to quick-start home care and provider resources
  • Discounts on care management and Senior Helpers’ home care services
  • Monthly report from a member of the care team about your loved one’s well-being
  • A local point of contact with expertise in offering a solution for all your senior care needs

Wellness Watch offers the support you need to keep up with your own day-to-day responsibilities while keeping an eye on the safety and comfort of your loved one. Contact a location near you to schedule a Wellness Watch check-in today.