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23 Oct 2023

Halloween Fun with Elderly Loved Ones: Making Spooky Memories


Halloween is a fun time to celebrate and create lasting memories with your elderly loved ones, that does not have to include trick-or-treating or haunted houses. While known to be most enjoyed by children, explore some fun and safe activities to enjoy with your elderly loved one during Halloween!

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin decorating is a timeless Halloween tradition that's suitable for people of all ages. Gather a selection of pumpkins, some carving tools, and an assortment of craft supplies like paint, stickers, and markers. Sit down with your loved ones to create beautiful and spooky pumpkin designs. This activity not only engages their creativity but also provides a sense of accomplishment as they see their creations come to life.

Costume Parade

Organize a costume parade right at home or in a senior living community. Encourage your loved one to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes, whether it's as a witch, a superhero, or even a classic ghost. Take photos and create a runway where they can show off their outfits. This allows them to reminisce about their own past Halloween experiences and share their stories with you.

Spooky Movie Marathon

For a cozy and enjoyable Halloween evening, plan a spooky movie marathon. Pick classic, family-friendly Halloween movies such as "Hocus Pocus," "Casper," or "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Prepare some popcorn, drinks, and snacks, and enjoy a relaxing movie night.

Be sure to check their preferences and comfort level with the chosen movies to ensure a great experience.

Baking and Treats

Engage in a little baking session where your loved one can help make Halloween-themed treats. You can bake pumpkin-shaped cookies, spooky cupcakes, or create candy apples together. Not only does this activity provide a delicious reward, but it also stimulates the senses and fosters a sense of togetherness in the kitchen.

Decorate the Home

Get your home or their living space into the Halloween spirit by decorating. Hang up spooky decorations, create a Halloween-themed centerpiece for the dining table, or drape cobwebs and hang paper bats around. You can also make it an interactive project, involving them in the decoration process.


Gather around a cozy spot with dim lighting and share Halloween stories. Encourage your loved ones to reminisce about their own Halloween experiences, share spooky tales, or even read a classic Halloween story together. This can be a heartwarming and engaging activity that stimulates their memories.

Virtual Costume Contest

If you and your loved one are physically separated, you can still have fun by organizing a virtual costume contest. Everyone can dress up in their Halloween costumes and connect via a video call to showcase their outfits. This is a wonderful way to bridge the gap and celebrate together, no matter the distance.

Remember, engaging in these fun and safe activities with your loved one ensures they feel included and valued during this time of year.

Get creative, have fun, and enjoy a spooktacular Halloween!