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12 Jan 2023

Winter season tips for your loved one


As temperatures continue to fall, it’s important we ensure our elderly loved ones are safe and comfortable during the winter months. Use the tips below to help get through the cold times ahead:

Keep the home warm: Make sure the home is well insulated and heated to at least 20 degrees Celsius to prevent hypothermia.

Dress in layers: Encourage your loved one to dress in layers, as this will trap heat and keep them warm. It's also important for them to wear a hat and gloves to protect their hands and head from the cold.

Check on them regularly: Check on your loved one regularly to make sure they have everything they need and that their home is warm enough.

Encourage exercise: Exercise is important for maintaining overall health, but it can be difficult for older adults to stay active in the winter. Encourage them to take a walk indoors at a shopping mall, senior centre, or other indoor location.

Stock up on supplies: Make sure they have enough food, medicine and other supplies to last through any snowstorms or other bad weather.

Be extra careful with slips and falls: Ice and snow on sidewalks and driveways can make it easy to slip and fall. Make sure they have a sturdy pair of boots with good traction and if necessary, help them clear their sidewalks and driveways.

Consult with the doctor: Especially when there are underlying health conditions, it's best to ask their doctor for additional advice on how to protect them.

It's important to remember older adults may have a harder time adjusting to changes in temperature, so it's important to take extra care to keep them warm and comfortable during the winter season.

If you are needing assistance with any of the above, contact Senior Helpers today to learn how we can provide quality care for your loved one and peace of mind for families.

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