The Four Best Activities for Summer
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The Four Best Activities for Summer

Get out and enjoy the summer weather while it is here. While all seasons bring their own conditions, the summer months and the sunshine it typically brings with it, give us the time to enjoy the outdoors more than at any other point during the year.

There's many activities around this time that are safe and enjoyable for people of all ages. Fresh air, socialization and physical activity can make this summer one of the best yet!

Senior Helpers wants to share a few activities to help make those ‘dog days’ more enjoyable!

  1. Have a Picnic: A picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather. Pack all your favourite foods to take with you and share with friends and family!
  2. Tend a Garden: Maintaining a garden is an encouraging way to nourish your body with lots of fruits and vegetables. Besides wanting to eat right, a garden allows for the chance for you to spend some time outdoors.
  3. Water Aerobics: Staying active is very important and can be tough to do as we age. Exercising in the water is great because it reduces stress and puts less pressure on your joints. There are many exercises one can take part in including: aqua jogging, flutter kicks, leg lifts, arm curls, and more. Find a water aerobics class near you!
  4. Read a Book: Sit outside under some shade and enjoy a good book. Summer reading is a simple activity to do to keep yourself occupied. There are always so many new books that come out and reading helps keep your mind engaged, healthy, and active.

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Senior Helpers is here to help with any unique needs for your specific situation. Let us help your loved ones enjoy their summer! To learn more, our Companionship Care services and more please visit our Services page.