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22 Dec 2017

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Senior Parents


Topics: Senior Health

Where did 2017 go? It’s almost time to turn the calendars over and discover what 2018 has in store.

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Many people see the new year as a chance to start over again, which is why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. Most people talk about going to the gym more or quitting a bad habit, like smoking.

What about your senior parents? You might think they’ve accomplished everything they want or need to accomplish. Making New Year’s resolutions can help them set goals for themselves. These goals can keep them motivated throughout the year. Here are a few resolutions your parents might consider.

1. Get More Exercise

If your parents are still mobile and able, they might decide getting a little more movement into their routine is good for them. Some seniors are limited by health conditions, so you won’t see them signing up to take the latest Zumba class.

Many seniors are quite capable of light exercise, however, and there are many classes for seniors and older adults. These programs are designed to keep people moving, active, and healthy. Physical exercise is great for the mind and body!

Consider an appropriate activity for your parents. Swimming is often a great option since it reduces impact on the joints. Others may find going for a short walk does them wonders.

2. Try Something New

It’s important to keep the mind in shape as much as the body. Learning a new skill or even just trying something new is a great way to challenge the mind and keep it active. Learning should be a life-long process!

Maybe one of your parents wants to learn how to play a musical instrument or how to crochet. Art classes are a great option too. Your parents should pick something that interests them. It may be an activity they wish they had time to learn when they were younger!

3. Get out More

Many seniors, especially those living by themselves at home, become somewhat isolated. They may find it difficult to get out and about, or they may simply lose interest. Nonetheless, social interaction is important, so your parents should resolve to get out and about a little more.

If your parents are able, they might consider volunteering. This can be a rewarding experience. It makes people feel useful and appreciated while also helping them interact more. There are many ways to volunteer. If you can, you might go with your parents to volunteer on weekends. A soup kitchen or food bank needs helping hands, but library programs may also need volunteers.

You can also consider community programs designed to help seniors get out of the house and socialize. This goal can be combined with the goal of exercising more and trying new things. Check out what kinds of programs your local community centre offers for seniors.

4. Consider Home Care

If your parents have been having a little trouble keeping up with the housework or you’re concerned about their cooking, considering home care might be something you put on their list of New Year’s resolutions.

Home care can help your parents achieve many of their goals. Whether they want to eat better or get out more, home care could help them. Friendly staff help with light housework, laundry, cooking, and other household tasks. Companion care can offer your loved ones more social interaction.

If your parents have been resisting the idea of care, broach it with them now as something to consider for the new year. You might even ask them to give it a try! They’ll likely be surprised at what a difference it makes for them.

Making New Year’s resolutions is an exercise in goal-setting. There’s no reason seniors should stop setting goals for themselves. New Year’s resolutions can help keep them healthy and happy into 2018 and beyond.


Tennille Kerrigan

Tenille is the president of Senior Helpers Canada, the premier franchise that delivers on what families and their loved ones need most. She has bachelor’s degree in business administration from York University, and has over 10 years of experience as a business owner and director. With Senior Helpers, our franchisees provide the professionalism and expert care that families and their aging loved ones require.

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