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06 Dec 2018



Topics: Senior Health, Active Seniors, Senior Holidays

Though we’ve yet to see any breaking news alerts about an incoming winter storm, chances are we’re unfortunately closer to it and colder temperatures than not.

While many would rather stay indoors this time of year, it’s essential for our love ones battling dementia and Alzheimer’s to continue keeping both their mind and body active, regardless of the temperature.

Outside, icy conditions can make for hazardous walking areas, so while ensuring all skin is covered with both a hat and scarf, encourage walking in smaller steps at a slower pace to help avoid any potential falls is just as important.

Having Velcro, non-skid boots, instead of traditional laces also helps putting on shoes much easier.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s the time of year usually enjoyed with family and friends or finally finding the opportunity to take that much needed vacation after a year of hard work.

So, while there are a variety of activities to do during the winter season, below gives a few ideas on what to enjoy with your loved one during the winter season.


Help them Enjoy a Fire

Some of the best stories can be told either around a dinner table or a nice warm fire.

If able to, use the cold outside weather as the excuse to turn on the fireplace inside, whip up a favourite brand of hot chocolate and possibly allow seemingly buried memories to come back to life. Allow your loved one to share stories whether old or new.


Enjoy the moment by playing their favorite music

The time of year has some of the most memorable music, use the opportunity to play their favourites.

Take the time to ask your loved one about their music memories and with technology today, stream them as they tell you.

You can start with songs you may know they love and see where it takes you.

Also, you can merge other activities like talking about their favorite moments or playing puzzle games to stimulate conversation.


Spend an extended period with Your Loved Ones

Spending quality time with our loved ones is part of the good things in life, especially as the year ends.

When it comes to choosing activities to do with our loved ones suffering from dementia, it’s not the amount of the activities we do that’s important but rather the emotional connection we create with them during the time with them.

Although things may not necessarily be the same as before, your efforts in going through it with them will create a spark that will make all the previously stated activities memorable ones during the winter time.