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25 Jun 2018

Best Things about Becoming a Senior


Topics: Becoming a Senior, Senior Benefits, Senior Freedom, Growing Old

While there may be a wide variety of procedures available to combat looking older, reality is, the aging process begins the very second we’re born.

For many, the desire to stay young stems from a fear of what older age can imply, yet depending on one’s perspective, entering our senior years can create some of the happiest, most fulfilling and ultimately happiest times in our lives.

While the latest in medical procedures may help you look the part, how one feels is just as important.

Some of the best things about getting older isn’t battling the unwinnable fight against time but rather embracing what senior age brings and allows you to do.

Whether one refers to them as advantages or perks, there’s more than a handful of great benefits to senior living that younger generations don’t have in nearly the same ways.


More time for and to discover you

Between working, driving, commuting and possibly raising a family, over time the day-to-day journey and obligations seem to consistently find us working on someone else’s time.

The older you become such obligations tend to change, leading to more free time and the ability to do what you’d like as opposed to what’s required and expected by others.

Take the time to enjoy whatever makes you happy as you’re no longer having to worry about deadlines or time constraints. Work on your schedule not someone else’s.

So many years have been focused on everyone else but now is the best time to discover things you may not have known about yourself. Use the moments to relax and reflect, discover things and explore.


Matured and wise decisions will be easy to come by

Older, wiser and more mature.

You’re a life experience expert and with that comes a knowledge and wisdom obtainable only through years of living and seeing things for yourself.

Decisions become easier when you’re wise enough to understand the positive/negative implications making them has and there aren’t many questions you haven’t heard before.
With age also comes knowledge. Share the knowledge and information you’ve acquired.

Mentoring, offering advice when asked, with time on your side, share your experiences and life lessons.


Happiness Awaits

Different studies have shown the older we become, the more emotionally stable and content we can get.

Children? Marriage? Career? Where to live? Our earlier years are met with many questions, concerns and let’s not forget about the dreaded mid-life crisis so many have spoken about.

Much of those years are understandably spent trying to achieve and accomplish goals outside of school.

When fortunate enough to have your questions answered and the responsibilities lessen, the opportunity to rest your mind should increase, no more running miles per minute, on the clock trying to make something happen before a deadline or a given timeframe.



Grandchildren, can be one of life’s greatest joys. Taking pleasure in seeing a new generation of your family that initially started with you is rewarding beyond words.  



Old age provides a broader perspective on life. Most adults are more inclined to put in a whole lot of efforts in bettering a society that gave them so much.

Like all stages of life, becoming a senior can come with its challenges. Despite that, we shouldn't allow the potential difficult and challenging aspects to eclipse all the spectacular parts and happiness growing older can afford you.

Ultimately, take your senior years as a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and enjoy all life is still able to offer you!