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29 Jun 2018

Celebrating Canada Day as a Senior


Topics: Active Seniors, Senior Freedom, Senior Holidays

There’s no better way to finish off Canada Day celebrations than with fireworks at night.

The colours, sounds and various displays are sights to see rather than just describe plus they find a way to bring out the kid in us all.

In and around the Greater Toronto Area, there won’t be a shortage of places you and your loved one can view the show.

Between local papers and checking online here, you can plan to be at the one that works best for you and your loved one.

In preparation for the evening, be sure to include the following in your check list for the night out with your loved one:



Comfortable chairs for your loved one to sit on and watch the show. Adding seat cushions to the chair can help as well.



What may be comfortable temperatures for you may or may not be for your loved one. Considering you’ll be in one place without much movement to increase body temperatures, travel with a light blanket should they need it.


Bug Spray

It’s that time of year and depending on where you and your loved one are going; those pesky mosquitoes could become an issue without a good bug spray to keep them off.


Water and Snacks

Light healthy snacks for your loved one along with water to ensure they stay hydrated is essential.

Avoid coffee and alcohol, especially during hot temperatures.

Depending on event times, it could make for a longer night so plan accordingly when it comes to food/snacks.



Pay attention to the weather reports and dress accordingly, remembering temperatures in the day typically don’t remain come night fall.


Family Affair

If possible, make the holiday a time to create memories with generations of family. It may help invoke old memories or create new ones.

Also, don’t fireworks are usually heavily attended and depending on your loved one’s condition, a place with proper lighting that doesn’t involve long walking distances works best.

For even more great ideas on how to take part in Canada Day activities visit our previous posting here and enjoy the holiday!!

Tipf for celebrating Canada Day with a Senior from Senior Helpers Canada