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25 Aug 2019

Looking for Private Home Care? Ask These Questions


Topics: Home Care

Many seniors want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, and who could blame them? Home is a safe, familiar environment that’s close to friends and family. If your loved ones are starting to have trouble taking care of themselves, private home care is a great option. With so many home care providers on the market, families need to do their research and find the best solution for their loved ones.

Before you choose a private home care provider, ask a lot of questions to be sure it’s the right match for your loved ones. Here are some questions to ask home care providers before you make your decision.

What Services Are Offered?

Different providers offer a different range of services, and you need to ensure that the home care provider offers services that can help your loved ones. Ask for a list of the services the provider offers. If your loved ones need companionship, help with the housework, help with personal care, or a customized care plan, you need to make sure that the provider offers it. 

Is 24/7 Care Available?

Not all home care services offer 24/7 care, so this is an important question to ask. If 24/7 care is offered, ask if round-the-clock care is delivered through multiple shifts of caregivers or through live-in caregivers. Even if your loved ones don’t need this level of care at the moment, they could need it in the future if their health changes.

Will the Same Caregivers Come Each Time?

Your loved ones need to trust their caregivers, and if different caregivers are coming every day, it’s hard for them to build up that trust. No one wants a revolving door of strangers showing up at their house to help with intimate tasks like bathing. A good home care provider will make an effort to send the same caregivers as often as possible, so your loved ones can feel comfortable and safe.

Is Backup Care Available?

At some point, caregivers will get sick or go on vacation, but your loved ones will still need assistance with their daily tasks. Ask the private home care provider if they have back-up care available in these situations. At some smaller companies, there may not be enough staff to cover these occasions. You might even need to fill the gaps if your loved ones end up without care for a short while.

Can We Replace Caregivers, If Necessary?

It’s possible that your loved ones won’t like their caregivers, so you should be asking this question. A good private home care provider will let you request alternate caregivers. After all, your loved ones will be spending a lot of time with their caregivers, so it’s important that they get along well. Caregivers are professionals, so their feelings won’t be hurt if your loved ones ask for someone else.

Are Caregivers Trained?

Your loved ones will rely on their caregivers, so it’s important to find out what kind of training the caregivers have received. Caregivers should be trained before they start helping seniors, and they should receive ongoing training to ensure their skills are up-to-date. To start, ask if the caregivers have received certifications in C.P.R. or basic first aid.

Can Services Be Adjusted Quickly?

Seniors’ needs can change quickly. After a sudden illness or accident, your loved ones may suddenly need a lot more care than they did previously. Ask your home care provider how long it takes to adjust their level of services. You want to hear that your services can be upgraded at any time, and that your loved ones won’t need to wait days or weeks to get the higher level of care they need.