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20 Apr 2020

Senior Helpers Lifestyle Tips During COVID-19


Topics: Home Care, COVID-19

Tips for helping senior loved ones adopt new hobbies and stay connected amid changing times

Physical distancing is impacting millions across the globe. As more and more people are staying indoors, it’s critical to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle—both physically and mentally.

Seniors may have the most difficulty adjusting to new lifestyle changes, but there are several ways for older individuals to adopt new habits and hobbies that will keep them close with their loved ones and, stay active and lively. It is now more important than ever to ensure the health and wellbeing of seniors, so Senior Helpers Canada, a leader in providing personalized in-home senior services, has identified five creative ways to help seniors cope with an unfamiliar way of life:

  1. Embracing Technology

    Isolation is one of the leading causes of depression for seniors, and as health officials are strongly urging limited social interactions, the aging population now has more time to get familiar with technology. Teaching the elderly how to use computer and smartphone applications like Skype and FaceTime will allow them to stay in touch with family members and friends. Getting a leg up on technology and maintaining social interactions will help elder individuals learn new skills and bolster emotional wellbeing.

  2. Walk it Out

    For seniors in good physical condition, walking several times per day will help release endorphins and ensure a daily dose of essential Vitamin D.
    Inactivity and lack of exercise is another major cause of depression, so non-rigorous physical activity is an easy way for the body and mind to stay fit. Plus, taking time away from home to enjoy Mother Nature can help break up the day and help one to avoid feeling stuck indoors. 

  3. Sharpen the Mind

    Television can be an easy escape for many but staring at a screen all day isn’t the foundation for a healthy lifestyle under any circumstance.
    Keeping the brain healthy and functioning properly is critical, which is why both reading and writing are activities that will take seniors away from the TV and exercise their minds. Journaling, drawing and even adult colouring books are a few activities that can help with memory and improve overall mood.

  4. Develop a Sleep Routine

    Proper sleep is a building block for optimal health. Getting a full eight hours of sleep not only provides proper energy over the course of a day but ensures you’re mentally sharp as well. To make sure your loved one wakes up on the right side of the bed, it’s beneficial for them to go to bed at the same time each night and establish a regular routine. The better they sleep, the better they’ll feel!

  5. Find New and Old Hobbies

    It’s a great time for seniors to finally learn to play that instrument they’ve always wanted to try, build a model airplane, make a garden in the backyard, stargaze at night or scrapbook old photos since they’ve been asked to stay in and to themselves.
    Picking up long-lost skills and hobbies that may have been abandoned will also bring joy back into their everyday routine.

    For those who are living at home, in-home senior care is an incredible solution for supporting elderly loved ones- especially during this time of uncertainty.
    While many families are not able to visit their senior loved ones in an effort to keep all healthy during this time, Senior Helpers offers access to professional caregivers with expertise in personal and companion care to help individuals looking for a little assistance with daily activities.
    Our caregivers are trained to offer the highest level of care possible based on the Senior Gems® Alzheimer’s and Dementia care program.
    Senior Helpers has taken every precaution to ensure team of staff and caregivers remain healthy and able to support seniors during this time.