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30 Apr 2018

Spring into a New Season - Outdoor Activities for those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia


Topics: Senior Health

Yes, it’s Canada and true, going through all four seasons within a given day isn’t out of the norm but considering we’re now in May, the odds of a winter storm or extremely cold temperatures are farther behind us than in front, right?

Regardless of what our unpredictable weather may bring, one certainty is warmer, nicer weather is on the horizon and with that comes the ability to take advantage of a wide variety of outdoor activities that can be quite beneficial for those we love living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A few ideas you may want to consider with your loved one over the coming months, keeping in mind the need to stay active, socially engaged and mentally alert is vital.



After being cooped up inside during those cold months, now is the perfect opportunity to not only take in the blooming scenery but help get the blood pumping with some exercise through a healthy stroll in the park for example.



Not only will you be encouraging your loved one to be outside in the fresh air taking in some Vitamin D, you can strike up wonderful conversations all while enjoying a light bite to eat.


Berry Picking

A productive and fun activity to do outside in spring is taking an excursion out and doing some berry picking, an activity that could possibly open up memories from doing so in the past.
Ideally, a berry farm around the environment once lived or stayed would be the best-case scenario and the light task of collecting berries can amount to a productive day. Best of all, the collection can be make a variety of delicious treats to eat and share with friends or alternatively make a dessert for the family at home.


Take a fishing trip

Many find fishing as a way to relax and enjoy their spare time. It’s possible your loved one may have enjoyed doing so through following alongside a parent or going with friends when younger, either way taking a fishing trip can be beneficial in relaxing the mind and possibly sharing memories of times previously spent. Whether on a boat, pier or from the banks, bring along food and some drinks and turn it into a mini picnic as well!


Gardening and/or going to a garden

Along with a great way to alleviate stress, creating another way to increase blood flow and another excuse to be outside on a sunny day, studies have shown the physical activity associated with gardening has helped to decrease the risks for dementia.

Anything related to plants or trees have always held a great part of memory for those with dementia. Strolling through a garden can possibly bring back warm memories.
Take advantage of the various trees and plants ready to bloom!


Boat rides

A serene and cozy boat ride is a very great way to spend an afternoon in good weather. The sound of the mild water, chirping birds and the beautiful sights surrounding the water can help a great deal.
Granted this option may cause a larger dent to one’s pockets, simple paddle boat rentals are a wonderful option and don’t be afraid to inquire and ask around. Many companies provide rental services where you aren’t necessarily forced to excessively spend and arm and leg.



What would spring be without cleaning? Take the time to either assist or suggest light simple tasks around the house. From folding laundry or dusting, a sense of accomplishment, no matter the size of the task helps.

Now by no means are the suggestions given the only ones available to you. The possibilities are endless and there’s a wide range of options to choose from during the better weather months.
The idea is to enjoy the time out and while doing so help our loved ones at the same time.
So, help hang up those bulky winter clothes and trade them for more comfortable attire, grab the sunglasses, enough food and something to drink and enjoy the times.


Happy Spring!