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18 Dec 2018

Tips on How Loved Ones With Dementia can Enjoy Christmas


Topics: Dementia, Senior Holidays

The holiday season is here and whether on television or in the malls, Christmas day is fast-approaching.

It’s a celebratory time of year and while busy for many families, it can be quite stressful for those with dementia as well.

Should you find yourself worrying about how to make this Christmas enjoyable for your loved one, following the tips below can positively help and ensure all have a wonderful time.


Keep it Simple

Conversations can be exhaustive for a person struggling with dementia.

To aid with any potential struggles, whenever you want to talk with your loved one, ensure you communicate in simple, concise and straightforward sentences, staying away from using complicated terms. This helps them to be at ease and more attentive when you talk and enables them to make sense of what you are trying to say.

Putting up photographs and playing soft and familiar music can help them understand the positive side of things.


Plan Ahead. Rest After.

Sometimes celebrating Christmas can take place in locations different or not as well known to your loved one with dementia.

To help avoid any unnecessary tension, it is essential to plan ahead for other things they will enjoy at a solo place preferably. Prior to leaving, prepare a bag containing any possible essentials like medicines or clothes.

It’s no secret family gatherings can be tiring at times. Try and prepare a peaceful place to rest after all the movement of the day.


Familiar Memories and Food

Try familiar foods and customs you know your loved one enjoys. Simple things like reciting grace, toasting a drink or singing a Christmas carol before or after eating can serve as awareness and help to ease the mind.


Check the Menu

Excellent food is as important as presents. Try your best to give out smaller portion of soft food to help those who have challenges swallowing or chewing.

You’re encouraged to utilizing these tips and those you may have learned along the way. But do remember to try your best to ensure all enjoy the Christmas Season.