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08 Aug 2018

Top Tips for Healthy Skin for Seniors


Topics: Senior Health

As you grow older, it’s natural for your skin to age as well.

Although it’s a normal part of the aging process, it’s important to try your best in ensuring you have healthy, ravishing and radiant skin.

Senior age can lead to various pains when addressing your skin, part of which includes itching, sensitivity, dryness, bruises that take time to heal, age spots, skin cancers, tags and a lot more.

Because of the above, the tips you used to follow when you were younger may not be applicable now.

It doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to maintaining healthy skin, but there are a lot of tips that may be beneficial to improve your skin.


Always follow the Right Diet

Ensure a balanced meal at all times and remember the food eaten needs to be rich in vitamins, nutrients and other essential minerals.

Older in age tends to mean losing some bodybuilding fibers that fortify the skin.

 A meal rich in vitamins makes an adult's skin tougher and less susceptible to bruises and skin damage.


Drink Plenty of Water

Not only does water aid in boosting healthy skin for young people, but seniors as well. Dry skin can be a clear indication of dehydration.

An excellent and most natural way to rehydrate the body is by taking in a lot of liquids, the best of that water.

Water provides a lot of benefits for one's skin including, limiting wrinkles, flushing away toxins and radiating the skin's surface to name a few.

As you mature in age ensure you take in a lot of water and other healthy liquids because they play a significant role in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.


Avoid Excessive Washing & Bathing

As a standard of reducing injuries to the skin of a senior, it is wise that older adults take less constant showers. The elderly should also try to steer clear of being soaked for too long in a tub because it leads to the skin being dried out when you stay for a long time there.

When bathing, it’s also important to avoid hot water as with more sensitive skin, it’s more likely to cause dryness burns and injuries.


Quit Smoking

For a wide variety of health reasons, smoking is hurtful at all ages for persons of all ages and can lead to countless long-term health issues and complications.

Smoking accelerates the process of aging as it destructs the collagen, elastin, and tissues that help you to maintain a vibrant, youthful appearance with glowing and healthy skin.


Use Natural Skin Products

To ensure your skin is healthy as years past, use skin cream that is wholly made from natural ingredients.

A lot of skin care products contain toxic chemicals, fillers, additives and other ingredients your skin doesn't react well to.

While shopping, make sure you’re looking for your skin care lotions, creams and other products are natural and/or organic.

Utilizing the tips above whether, maintaining healthy feeling and looking skin can be achieved through minor adjustments helping to create major impact.