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12 Jul 2017

Who Can Benefit from Professional Home Care Services?


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A common misconception about home care is that seniors who can still take care of themselves don’t need the extra help. While very ill seniors certainly benefit from home care, so can many other groups of seniors, even those in good health. If your parents are relatively healthy, they could still benefit from professional home care services. Here’s who can benefit from the help of professional home care services.

Seniors Who Need Help with Housework

When you visit your parents, have you ever noticed their house looks less well kept than before? Dishes in the sink, crumbs on the carpet, or overflowing laundry hampers can be signs your parents need some help with housework.

If your parents need help, they’re not alone. Keeping a house clean and tidy can become challenging for people as they age. Problems with housework can occur for many reasons. Decreased strength and stamina, stiff or painful joints, or decreased vision can all get in the way of performing housework. Whatever the reason, professional home care services can help.

Home care services offer assistance with housework. You can arrange for a professional caregiver to come to your parents’ house to do light housekeeping. The caregiver can also help with other housekeeping tasks, like doing the grocery shopping or preparing meals.

Seniors Who Need Help with Personal Care

Have you noticed changes in your loved ones’ appearance? Appearance changes can be an indication that your loved ones need help with personal care. For example, if your parents are wearing dirty or rumpled clothes, they may be having trouble getting dressed. If their hair is messy, they may be having trouble with washing, brushing, or styling their hair.

Professional home care services can help your parents perform daily personal care tasks. These services include help with things like grooming, taking a bath, getting dressed, or using the restroom. These services will be customized to meet your parents’ needs, so they don’t have to worry about losing independence. They’ll only get help with the personal care tasks they need assistance with.

Seniors Who are Lonely

If your parents aren’t having any difficulties with housework or personal care, they might still benefit from a home care service. Loneliness is very common among seniors, even seniors who still live with their partners. Don’t assume your parents aren’t lonely just because they still have each other.

There are signs of loneliness you can keep an eye out for. Your parents may tell you they’re feeling lonely, or they may mention not having anyone to talk to. More subtle clues can include talking a lot when you visit or wanting longer hugs. Or, they may become withdrawn and stop engaging with you and the rest of the family.

If you notice your parents are lonely, professional home care services can help. A companion caregiver can come visit your parents when you’re unable to. The caregiver can chat with your parents, play board games or cards, take them on outings or help your parents with their hobbies.

Seniors with Memory Issues

Memory loss can be a normal part of aging. As people get older, they may have difficulty remembering things like they used to. If your loved ones are becoming more absentminded, they may sometimes forget to take their medications, or they may miss doctor’s appointments. While this type of memory loss can be normal, it can still be problematic. More severe memory loss, like asking you the same questions over and over, can be one of the early signs of dementia.

Professional home care services can help. If your parents have normal, aging-related memory problems, a caregiver can help, too. The caregiver can remind your parents to take their medications or take them to appointments. If your parents have dementia, the caregiver can provide a customized dementia care plan.


Tennille Kerrigan

Tenille is the president of Senior Helpers Canada, the premier franchise that delivers on what families and their loved ones need most. She has bachelor’s degree in business administration from York University, and has over 10 years of experience as a business owner and director. With Senior Helpers, our franchisees provide the professionalism and expert care that families and their aging loved ones require.

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