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19 Sep 2018



Topics: Alzheimers, Growing Old

Alzheimer’s and Dementia continue to be on the rise in Canada and as the numbers increase so do the stigmas surrounding them.

September marks World Alzheimer’s Month, an international crusade initiated by the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) to increase awareness, provide educated answers and address the stigmas that surround Dementia.

While its impact and initiatives have been far-reaching and positive throughout the world, let’s take a look at some tidbits below.

Who’s in charge of World Alzheimer's Day and Month?

World Alzheimer’s Day is a brainchild of the ADI. Yearly, the ADI looks for financial aids to build and distribute World Alzheimer’s Day materials all over the globe to enable members in these countries to organize the world Alzheimer’s day events in their respective countries.

What are the activities of the ADI during World Alzheimer’s Month?

ADI organizes the World Alzheimer’s Month and day all over the world by producing, sharing and supporting members to host the world Alzheimer’s day events.

In 2009, the inaugural World Alzheimer’s report got initiated on World Alzheimer’s Day, and it’s in several other countries since then which enables the events to be documented all over the world.

The World Alzheimer’s Month and day is a time set aside to unify people suffering from dementia, their caregivers and family, medical personnel, media and researchers all around the globe.

Having a centralized interconnected awareness month gives a very robust signal to the several government officials and policy makers that dementia can lead to a severe health condition.

If left unaddressed, it would have significant consequence on health system and provisions both in Canada and across the globe.

Additionally, by emphasizing the same message every year, the month can be used to tackle people’s presumptions about dementia.

September provides an avenue for Alzheimer’s groups around the globe to gain widespread attention and respect for the work they put in every time, giving themselves a better bargaining position to influence government officials, world leaders, and opinion leaders.

World Alzheimer’s Month continues to strive for new ways to tackle and manage dementia, and as we all learn more the ability to provide solutions overtime will follow.

It has been established that through constant exercising, a healthy and balanced diet, indulging in mental exercises and improved social relationships, the start of Alzheimer’s can be delayed or the symptoms reduced or controlled. 

Everyone has the power to create and boost awareness for Alzheimer’s and make the world a much better place for those living with and through it.

If you haven’t before, take some time this month to learn something new about such an important issue so many Canadians are living through daily and utilize the hashtag #Every3Seconds on social media to find out even more!